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Bolivia Uyuni Salt Desert Milky way.jpg


Imagine a place that is famous for its crystal clear night skies and where the stars shine brighter than just about anywhere else on earth.  There is such a place in Bolivia, South America, called the UYUNI Salt Flats. This was the inspiration behind the vision and name of UYUNI Flameless Candles because they bring a sense of these distant galaxies into your home with gentle flickering light illuminating the dark and creating a restful and inviting ambience.
Inspired by the beauty of nature and the mystery of the night, these beautifully hand-crafted luxury Flameless Candles are hand poured from pure virgin paraffin wax, so they look and feel just like a traditional candle. With the first patented 3D Wick design, you will be mesmerised by the light play as it casts its reflection across the surface of each pillar, looking stunning from every angle in the room.  Flameless Candles have never looked so real except these candles will not make a mess or release any unwelcomed toxins into your home.


All candles are remote enabled featuring our newest generation technology packed with options including multiple timer and brightness preferences allowing you to personalise every occasion.


We are so proud to present Uyuni Flameless Candles, highly functional and aesthetically versatile, inspired by timeless styling and elegance and now in new European inspired packaging to match. 

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