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Let me introduce myself...

You could honestly call me the Candle Queen! First thing in the morning I light candles.

As soon as I walk in the door ... I light candles.

To me ... they are peace personified. They can transform an ordinary space, into something magical, romantic and fairy-tale-like. Suddenly an ordinary space comes to life and you have created your own sanctuary without leaving home. Candles bring peace, calm and beauty.


In the past, if someone had told me about a flameless candle I would have never considered it. I would have thought impossible !!! You cannot replace a real candle. THAT WAS UNTIL I SAW the UYUNI FLAMELESS CANDLES. 

They instantly took my breath away. They are so real, that when they are lit in a room there is really no way of telling they are not. The best part of all is they are completely safe. No more, second guessing, did I blow that candle out? or thinking I have children now so I have to give up my love for candles.

I have always thought if I was especially careful then candles were very safe but even a tealight candle in a glass votive can catch alight, as the oil gets to the bottom and heats up, turns black, it can start to burn and it can be very scary. My only problem now is that I cannot stop buying these flameless candles because the more you have the more beautiful they seem to look, it feels like heaven. I have always wanted to sell candles but I always thought oh my goodness what if I sold them and one caught alight.


Now I can present to you the most perfect flameless candles in the world knowing that they will

transform your life, like they have transformed mine and bring you peace, beauty and magic every day.

The Candle Queen
Sydney xxx
The Candle Queen's Blog
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The Candle Queen, our in-house candle lover and enthusiast of all things calming and beautiful.  Keep up to date with the latest flameless candle trends and come on a fun journey through her "lit" thoughts as she selects flameless candles for our range.


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